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sv: re: once firing

updated fri 10 mar 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on thu 9 mar 00

Hi Martin,
Go the Clayart archives, and look up once firing. We talked about this =
much at one point in about August or September. I did not work with it for =
long. But one of the keys for me was to use a glaze that had a lot of clay =
I also used engobes between the glazes and pots, and not confirmed, but
I thought that had also a positive effect. The archives have a lot of info.
Good luck,
Alisa in Denmark

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Fra: ferenc jakab
Dato: 8. marts 2000 23:51
Emne: Re: Once Firing

=3E----------------------------Original message----------------------------
=3EI refer you to a book written by an English potter Fran Tristram who has
=3Ewritten a book =22Single Firing. Pros and Cons=22. It is an excellent =
=3Epoint. I glaze at leather hard, dip outside first and then inside when =
=3Eoutside has touch dried but the pot is still leather green. And yes once
=3Efired glazes need more clay than bisque glazes. A trick I was taught is =
=3Eadd a small amount of the clay you pots are made of, 2=25-3=25.
=3ENo doubt you will get replies from those more knowledgeable than me.
=3EGood Luck=21