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alabama conference

updated wed 8 mar 00


Joyce Lee on tue 7 mar 00

Thanks to Merrie for sharing the wonderful times experienced by clay
folk at both the firing of "Mother" and at the Alabama Clay Conference,
itself. Between Merrie's depiction of these events and Merrie's&Mel's
humorous and enlightening report of the woodfiring conference in Iowa
earlier, all clayarters must be musing about woodfirings in their
dreams, as am I. The problem is that I'm just now BEGINNING to get the
hang of gas reduction firing. How can I even be thinking of
WOODfiring???? But there you are. Such is the power of Clayart that I
know it could be done, even by an intermedie such as I. How many of you
are thinking along these lines? Do any of you live near the
Mojave....near enough that maybe we could get together and come up with
a plan for building and excecuting? I have the space and, oddly enough,
wood is available, even to desert rats, only a few miles away in the
canyons of the Sierras. I attended one of Nils Lou's excellent
kilnbuilding workshops, and later Jack Troy's woodfiring workshop in
Mesa, AZ. They helped stir some primitive recesses in my reluctant
brain......which, with the advent of these latest tales, isn't as
reluctant as it once was. MelandMerrie, you two are indeed promoting
CLAYART and the clay arts! Sounds as if you're having a lot of fun as
you do so. Thought provoking comments are the best part of this list.

In the Mojave wondering if she's becoming a wild woman to even think
about piling up yet another difficult, maybe impossible, hill to climb
in these her gentle, golden years.......