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workshops in late march?

updated tue 7 mar 00


Marian Morris on mon 6 mar 00

I get to sneak away without much notice occasionally, and love to take such
opportunities for education. Does anyone know of a workshop on any
art-related topic the weekend of March 24-25? I work in low-fire, and have
been doing lots of experimentation with majolica-style materials (mostly
commerically prepared glazes). Have been finding watercolor workshops
helpful in developing painting strategies for the colorants. Also interested
in majolica applications for tilework.

Anyone working in majolica with relatively traditional design images and not
too esoteric glaze formulations? (E.G. Bill Weaver who just shared his very
colorful website with us a few weeks ago.) Would love
to visit your studio to gather ideas for my summer teaching if you have time
for a visitor. (Don't worry, I'm a teacher, not a producer of pottery- not a

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