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nikom book now available

updated tue 7 mar 00


george koller on mon 6 mar 00


Some time ago (4 months?) Nikom let it slip in one of his posts that
he had written a book. I'm not following all that close but think I know
that Nikom is from Alaska, went to ivory school with Jeff Lawrance,
and is living in a village in Cambodia trying to do good things.
Well, that's about all I needed to know to, to want to read the book
written by a fellow ClayArter.

Hope this isn't considered a commercial.


George Koller
Sturgeon Bay, WI - Where the snow that we were expecting at 1st post
below has come and GONE, we are experiencing 50dF days (!)
and I blame it all on those wood fired kilns (I'm kidding).

Nikom Chimnok wrote:

> Hello George,
> Well, I have finally gotten some books to the USA. My 14 year old niece has
> agreed to be my American distributor, so you can now get a copy by sending a
> check or money order for $11 (which includes postage) to:
> Lisa Novak
> 13132 Valewood Rd.
> Poway
> CA 92064-4221
> Be sure to make the check out to her, as I can do nothing at all here in
> Thailand with a check made out to me. The banks simply won't take them.
> Oh, and one more thing: do not be alarmed when you see that the name of the
> author on the book is Eddee Chimnakom, and not Nikom Chimnok. There is a
> longstanding tradition which says that writers may use a pseudonym, and are
> under no compulsion to explain why.
> Regards,
> Nikom
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> At 08:55 11/12/99 EST, you wrote:
> >----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> >Nikom,
> >
> >Hey, what we don't all do under that shade tree?
> >
> >I would love to get a copy of your book.... will you give me/us the
> particulars
> >
> >Thank you,
> >
> >George Koller
> >Sturgeon Bay, WI - Door County
> >
> >Where we don't have snow yet but the temperature and the clouds are
> >about right.