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updated tue 7 mar 00


Joyce Lee on mon 6 mar 00

One of the aspects of Clayart that tickled me to my ancient, crooked
toes was the discovery early on that so many significant ceramic
artists/authors/sculptors/potters regularly monitored the list. I'm sure
Steve Branfman was the very first one who responded via direct post to
thank me for mentioning and recommending one of his books to Clayarters.
I was new to the list and had no idea that Steve was listening. A
personal thank you from the author, himself!! I was agog. Later I passed
on the good word about other works and, again, just about every time,
the creator wrote either to thank me or to clarify some question I'd
risked asking. Diana Pancioli is the latest. When I asked about extruder
projects, the author herself, of a not yet released book on that very
topic, responded and in considerable detail guided me through several
projects. Not only that, she told me of other books and articles that
were already in print that might help me, as I stewed rather impatiently
waiting for hers to be published. Her attitude never appeared to be one
of competition with other authors, but that of a colleague in an arena
where there's plenty of room for everybody. We've even talked of
lunching together at NCECA, where I know she's going to be a very busy
lady. Such an occurrence absolutely would not happen in most of our
realspace lives. Therefore, it is too bad that in such circumstances our
gurus always chance being criticized for "self promotion." The truth is
that when you possess both the talent and the ability to demonstrate
that talent in ANY area, you do indeed promote yourself everytime you
say or write a word. Quality and Class speak for themselves
....loudly...just by co-existing with the rest of us. I fervently hope
that each of you experienced, savvy, generous
glaze-experts/publishers/successfulwhatevers stay with the list and
continue to encourage those of us who sometimes barely qualify as peons
in the clay world. And...while I'm at it.... from my not so humble
perspective... opinionated, passionate, argumentative, provocative
exciting/excitable expressions of one's beliefs DO belong on this list!
Clayart would be bleak without all of the above.

In the Mojave

This absolutely does not happen in most of our realspace lives.