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alabama clayconference

updated tue 7 mar 00


The Buchanans on mon 6 mar 00

I just want to send a big THANK YOU to the sponsors and presenters of the
Conference.These people know how to throw a great event. Any one wanting a
pattern for organizing a state organization for craftsmen would do well to =
advise of The Alabama State Council of the Arts, Alabama Craft Council or =
Alabama Designer/craftsmen.The University of Alabama was a great site with =
facility and even provided spring weather.Lowell Baker and Gerogine Clark =
wonderful host-shepherds. (They did have a little trouble herding us from =
event to another, as no one was ever ready for it to be over.Of course the =
one was just as good and they had as much trouble getting us to leave it.) =
Saturday the energy had built to unbelievable proportions. When Vince, John =
Mel were all on stage together you could SEE the electricity sparking =
them and the audience. I think the Sunday presenter , Bruce Baker, was a bit
taken aback to find an audience as enthusiastic as 6th graders on a field =
Again THANK YOU, THANK YOU for everything. Judi Buchanan