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things to do in denver when you're alive

updated sun 5 mar 00


Daryl Baird on sat 4 mar 00

Hello All,

Most of you who are attending NCECA are planning what you'll do and see. As =
Coloradoan I would like to welcome you in advance and offer some suggestions=
=22must see=22 events.

If you're into extruding do plan to walk from the Adams Mark hotel over to =
Denver Public Library and see the exhibit of extruder art in the main hall. =
Latka, of Pueblo, CO, put this together and from what I saw when it was =
set up it offers some fine examples of what people are doing with extruders.

Also plan to attend the panel discussion, Extruder Extravagance from 9 to =
a.m. Thursday. Tom Latka will be the moderator.

If you're looking to get out of Denver a little ways, drive west up to the
little town of Evergreen and see the =22Rocky Pots=22 exhibit at The =
Gallery. The gallery owner, Meryl Howell, is a potter herself and she has =
together some excellent examples of ceramic art inspired by the Rocky =

Finally, don't miss the wonderful tribute to Jim and Nan McKinnell at the =
Center. Jim and Nan have contributed significantly to the ceramic arts and =
this exhibit you will see many, many examples of their work while learning =
their lives as ceramists.

That's it. Enjoy your visit to The Mile High City. I hope to meet some of =
you in
person. Don't forget your mugs=21

Daryl Baird
Loveland, CO