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self-contained cleanup system-no buckets or sink traps

updated sat 4 mar 00


Rita Petersen on fri 3 mar 00

Hello all,
I've gotten so much info from clayart, I'd like to share a cleanup idea
that's worked well for me. This is for those who, like me, who can only
afford a small "garage set-up" and are faced with that "hauling buckets"
scenario. I had no plumbing possiblities, let alone a sink and being
handicapped was not prepared to haul buckets. I now have a
self-contained system of 7 gallons of re-cycled running water at my
disposal at all times (which I find is plenty for at least 2 cleanups)
and do not deal with sink traps at all.

Here's the setup:
I have a 7-gallon camping type water container on the end of my
workbench with a turnable spigot (not the kind you have to hold the
button down). Below that a large (24 gallon) good quality trash can. To
start the system going I filled the water container and then put in
another 10 gallons or so into the trash can. At the point that the water
container is close to empty and the clay has settled to the bottom of
the trash can, I lower a small fountain pump into the area of "clean
water" and pump it back into a small hole which I cut out on the top of
the water container for reuse. The water is plenty clean enough to
recycle for cleanup. I found a trash container that's square and high so
that it only takes about 18" sq of floor space and the water container
is also about 18" square. Its been working well for me for about 4 mos
now and I'm not even close to needing to clean out the sludge on the
bottom of the can. No hauling water/ sinks/plumbing/ sinktrap problems.
Cost? About $7 for the water container(at any sporting goods store), $20
for the trash can and $30 for the pump. I can offer a few more tips on
the details of the pump/trash can etc. if anyone is interested.
Just an idea. Hope it helps someone.