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updated wed 1 mar 00


Breaking Art on tue 29 feb 00


A few months ago, I started to put together a web site,, to display art from my ceramist friends.
Over the last few months we have developed the site into something which I
hope looks rather nice and we are now looking to expand the site further.
We would like to launch the site as an artists resource in the future.

Breaking Art is not yet ready to be fully "launched" but I was wondering
if, in these early stages, any members of this group would be interested in
displaying their work in the gallery, using the discussion forums, or
offering feedback on what they would want in an online art resource.
Breaking Art contains three main elements at the moment - an online
gallery, news pages, and discussion forum - and is still very much

I hope Breaking Art will become as useful to you all. Thank you for your

Alan Scully

Breaking Art - Gallery, News, and Discussion Forum