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[re: art degree]

updated tue 29 feb 00


Holly Smith on mon 28 feb 00

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who replied to the question about
having/obtaining an art degree. I asked the question only because I have a
B.S. in microbiology (from UTK so, Vince, i guess that makes us =
and i know concretely in that field no degree equals no job. I just wanted =
find out how necessary one would be, and how useful it is above and beyond =
knowledge that is gained from the higher education process. I would also
appreciate any other opinions on this since I'm trying to decide whether to =
back to school.
vince pitelka wrote:
----------------------------Original message----------------------------
=3E I would say to use the money
=3E you would other wise spend on an Art degree and use it to build a =
=3E studio for yourself. Just my 2 cents worth...... Jim Bozeman

Jim -
This does a real disservice to anyone seriously considering higher
education in art. What made you so bitter about the value of higher
education? You say that your BFA has not done a single thing for you, and
yet you are making a living off your pottery? Was the BFA degree entirely
superfluous? Didn't it enrich your life? Didn't it broaden your horizons?
If so, please admit
it, and do your best to tell other people that it can do the same for them.
If it did not enrich your life or broaden your horizons, then you wasted a
hell of a good opportunity, and that is your loss.

As I said before, higher education offers the individual an opportunity to
cram a great deal of learning and experience into a short period of time.
What you make of the opportunity is up to you. Both the BFA and MFA degrees
open up a world of possibilities. The teaching may not be abundant, but
they are out there for anyone willing to go to the necessary lengths to
pursue them.

Sorry if the above seems at all harsh or abrupt, but I get pretty tired of
hearing people slamming higher education just becaue their own experience
did not meet their expectations. You are responsible for your own destiny.
- Vince

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