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joyce lee's clayart plate collection

updated mon 28 feb 00


Sylvia Shirley on sun 27 feb 00

Hi everybody!

I attended a party the other night at Joyce's. It was the
weekly gathering of the "Sewing Club", which is a group of
ladies who don't even sew (but that's a whole nuther
story). Anyway, Joyce had all your plates out on display
for everyone to see, then we each picked one to use for our
dessert. Joyce took great care in telling who made each
plate, and where it came from. It was wonderful fun. There
were lots of OOH's and AAH's. What a wonderful assemblage
of ceramic work, and such variety. Each one is beautiful,
but put them in a group and they're out of this world!
There were about 15 ladies at the party, and they all
enjoyed your work. How lucky you all are to be a part of
this collection.

Sylvia Shirley
(Yes, I actually TOUCHED a plate made by the great Mel!)