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the mecanofolie exhibition starts today in sarreguemines, france

updated sat 26 feb 00


Jean-Paul Krebs on fri 25 feb 00


Jean Fontaine, a ceramist sculptor who is well known in the ceramic
art world, is back in Sarreguemines. After =22Terres du Fantastique=22 and
=22Zoofolie=22, he will be presenting his new travelling exhibition
=22M=E9canofolie=22 from 18 February to 24 April 2000.

The world of this sculptor is inhabited by hybrid creatures with
suggestive names, such as =22M=E9taphoreuse=22, =22Cyclotron=22 and =22Viole=
Gambettes=22. An intricate tangle of bodies, animals and heavy
mechanical parts, his ceramic chimera blend life and machinery, with
humour, perspiration and engine grease. These astonishing creatures
disclose a phantasmagoric world and illustrate a mythology of the

Jean-Paul Krebs
Sarreguemines Faience =26 Majolica Museums