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sv: packing plates

updated fri 25 feb 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on thu 24 feb 00

Hi Sandy,
Recently I have seen something here at the post office called =22Airbags=22
They are made in USA. They look ideal for plate packing. They are
plastic bags in different sizes. There are two air chambers in them.
You would place the plate in the inside chamber and inflate it.
Then inflate the outside chamber. Maybe your post office has them.
Alisa in Denmark.
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Fra: sandy martin
Dato: 21. februar 2000 22:29
Emne: Packing plates

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Hi all,

I am shipping out an order of 10 large/10 small am
wondering how others pack them.

Usually I wrap each plate well with bubble wrap...stack in a box with
peanuts and double breakage.

Is vertical placement any better than horizontal?
Can 2 plates be packed together with adequate bubble wrap in between?

Some of you ship any suggestions are appreciated.

Sandy Martin
Encinitas, CA / usa