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talisman sieve

updated sat 10 apr 04 on mon 21 feb 00

I know i'm one of the few, but i don't like the talisman for 5 gallons of
glaze. (I do use it for more 10-15 gallons) I find that using a generic
brand jiffy mixer for a minute or two and ppouring through a regular bucket
sieve is just as fast and lots easier when you figure in the clean-up. The
Talisman is just too hard to clean, and wastes a lot of glaze. It must all
depend on your technique. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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lela martens on fri 9 apr 04

Thanks to everyone who responded about the sieve. Once I learned the name,
I called local supplier. They have them, but it looks like I will have to
get rich like Tony first. A few other priorities first.
Best wishes from Lela