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square plates/paddling pots

updated tue 22 feb 00


Joyce Lee on mon 21 feb 00

I was surprised to receive posts about "paddling" pots and where I
learned this process. To my knowledge, this is a very common tool in
many studios. However, since you asked, I learned about taking a paddle
to errant pots from Vince during one of his summer workshops at Michael
McD.'s. We formed large coiled pots by hand and when some became
unwieldy, or simply began to acquire a shape we hadn't planned (slumping
too much to one side, for example), Vince demonstrated using a paddle
or similar tool to modify that pots behavior. Of course, when Vince
tapped strategically to re-shape the pot, magic occurred. The rest of us
resorted to more or less beating our pots in order to realign them, but
we definitely turned out some great stuff for the culminating pitfiring.

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