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commission for public art installation ($50,000)

updated tue 22 feb 00


David Keller on mon 21 feb 00

I am an Architect in Chicago and am trying to solicit participation by a
Ceramic Tile Artist to do 550 square feet of tile murals on an elementary
school scheduled to begin construction April 2000. Installation of the art
will occur between August - October 2000.

This is a $12 million project for the Chicago Public Schools, with
approximately $50,000 allocated for the artwork (not including materials and

The murals will be on the exterior of the building and will be erected as
part of the masonry enclosure.

As this represents an excellent opportunity for an artist, I would
appreciate if this could be posted somehow or if there is some other way to
advertise this message. I am trying to look at as many artists as possible
before selecting one.

A final note: this school is part of a billion dollar/year school expansion
program being coordinated by the Public Building Commission of Chicago and
the Chicago Public Schools. Needless to say, there is a lot of public
attention on this program.


David Keller
Gonzalez Hasbrouck
312 458 1204 x12

David Keller
Gonzalez Hasbrouck
312 458 1204 x12