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: re: sink trap

updated tue 22 feb 00


Tom List on mon 21 feb 00

Tina, Please send me the copy at or fax it to me at
610-775-9193. My husband who is setting a studio up for me in my daylight
basement is afraid to put a sink in for me because he thinks it will clog up
our system but I really would rather not haul water in and out. I am new to
clayart and finally getting my own studio after taking upteen courses. Thank
you so much. Nancy List

Cristina Gassier wrote:

> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> The article in CM that was referred to is "An Inexpensive Studio Sink Trap"
> by Ric Swenson. It appeared in December '78 on page 33. I have a copy if
> anyone needs it faxed/snail-mailed to them. Just e-mail me direct at
> Tina