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unofficial clayart slide workshop update

updated mon 21 feb 00


Russel Fouts on sun 20 feb 00


Looks like it's going to happen!

I've been in contact with some of the NCECA reps. They were supportive but,
quite reasonably, said it wouldn't be possible to get one of the slide rooms
for this. However both mel and Joe endorsed using the Clayart room some

Marcia Selsor and Dianne Kirwin have graciously offered the use of their
projectors and extra, empty trays. If we get a lot of people, we might need
another(?).We could also use a couple of good screens, extension cords, etc.
What could we put the projectors on? If we need to I have the Hotel's AV
department's number from Minerva.

Louis Katz, Ron Roy and a number of others said they were interested in

What night should we do it? Maybe mel knows the schedule?

For those of you who recently joined this thread here is my original post:

>> The recent discussion about slide quality, do-it-yourself, get someone
professional to do it, slides on CD, slides from digital images, etc, etc,
etc has reminded me that I've wanted to organise an unofficial, on-the-side
"Slides" session at NCECA. We could steal some slide projectors and use the
clayart room one evening or take over one of the small slide rooms for the
evening, whatever. Object: I've been taking my own slides for a few years
now. I think they're good but don't have much to compare them against and
have never had them critqued. I think there may be some others in this
situation. I just met Kieth Chervenak's friend Sandy Hadden-Miller and she
was describing an evening where they did something similar. One thing they
did was just put all the slides in the projectors and just ran through them
at the same speed that a jury would look at them. It sounded really
objective and she said that it really made it clear where her self-done
slides stood in the bunch. We could simply do that. It'd be quick,
objective, just run through the slides, no comment from anybody, you make up
your own mind. Walk an evening in the jury's shoes. For those that wanted
more, we could actually talk about technique, hints, etc. I'd be willing to
try to organise it. Any takers? <<

We now return you to our regularly scheduled program.


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