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converting an electric to gas kiln

updated sat 19 feb 00


Michael Hamlin on fri 18 feb 00

I converted an old electric kiln ( 17x18" interior) into a propane kiln. I
purchased a Summit kiln gas conversion system and have been incredibly
pleased with the results....I contacted a kiln manufacturer inquiring about
the feasibility of reducing in such a small kiln. I was told it can't be
done. I must say that so far I have not been dissapointed by the results of
my reduction firings....I've gotten incredible ^10 copper reds, cobalt
lavenders, iron greens, etc...all the colors from a reduction atmosphere.....
One thing I've learned and now live by: I never allow someone to tell me what
I can't accomplish...
I can't give you advice on your burner situation but i do know it can be done
indoors...i've visited many colleges/universities with indoor gas
kilns....Just make sure you have adequate ventilation and are cautious about
placing your kiln and firing it.....