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a shipping charges story

updated thu 17 feb 00


Chris Campbell on wed 16 feb 00

I had one customer who hated to pay shipping. Every time I would ship to her
gallery, one item would be "broken" and it always was the same amount as the
shipping charges. She was a very good customer - great sales and a nice
person so I let it slide. I kept shipping and charging and she kept having
her "broken" piece.

After two years, she gave up on the "broken piece" routine and now just pays
the whole bill. We still get along famously and this silent contest has never
been acknowledged.

I don't know if there is any moral to this story, but I am a professional and
I have the right to charge for my time spent in packing and shipping. None of
my suppliers are at all shy about charging me and that has never stopped me
from using them. Start looking at the shipping charges you are paying and
judge your rates accordingly.

Chris - in Carolina