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obtaining grant monies for equipment

updated tue 15 feb 00


Gregory D Lamont on mon 14 feb 00

Dear Clayarters,
I am teaching wheel throwing classes at a non-profit arts center. The
wheels they currently have are old plywood framed kickwheels that date back
to the 1970's and need replacing. Like many such entities, however, our
funding is limited to the extent that it covers only the costs of the
day-to-day operations and materials--and covers those costs just
barely--leaving nothing for upgrades of capital equipment updates or

If any of you are aware of institutions that might have funds
available--such as grant monies--to help fund such purchases of equipment,
I would appreciate hearing from you, either on the list or to my private
e-mail address below. The director of the arts center and I would be more
than willing to write and submit grant proposals, but have no idea what
organizations to contact. Thanks for your help.
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