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wood fire bodies, was that fireclay thing

updated sun 13 feb 00


Stephen Grimmer on sat 12 feb 00

Here's two from Luke Sheets, grad student at BGSU. Both give a wide
range of color in most parts of the kiln. We fire pretty hot, usually: Cone
12 about half way down. He often wads pots on their sides and these clays
seem to take it without flattening in they're not too thin. Test with your
glazes for fit.

Luke's Stuff
20 Helmer Kaolin
12 OM#4 Ball Clay
12 XX Sagger Clay
12 EPK
20 NC-4 Feldspar
24 Flint
02 Bentonite
1.5% Absorption at Cone 10
12.5 Shinkage

Number Six
20 Kaopaque
20 EPK
15 Tile #6
20 Flint
25 G-200 spar
02 Bentonite
8% dry shrinkage
15% at Cone 10
This one really develops nice slate blues when buried in the coal bed.

Have fun!

Steve Grimmer
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH

>From: "Dale A. Neese"
>Subject: Re: That Fireclay thing...
>Date: Thu, Feb 10, 2000, 1:54 PM

> I would be happy to see some exotic wood firing bodies from anyone.
> Thanks again,
> Dale Tex