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supplier for silicone and rubber ??)

updated sat 12 feb 00


Fredrick Paget on fri 11 feb 00

We used to get a couple of silicone rubber RTV mold making compounds from
General Electric Silicones, These were bought through local Boston
industrial suppliers. There is probably one near you. has an overview but no detail. You have to
contact them to get details.

They are 2 part compounds that when mixed make a tough silicone rubber that
does not stick to the model. They resist melted lead and can be used with
epoxy molding compounds for a certain length of time before they detiorate.
Cost was about $50 for a pint. The mix must be vacuumed to get air bubbles
out. I had a vacuum chamber and pump for this purpose..

Also silicone molding supplies are for sale by Rio Grande, the jewelery
supply company $26 per pound.1-800-545-6566. Their compound is a putty
whereas the GE is a viscous liquid.

Fred Paget
>Ho & Fong wrote:
>> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>> My brother in Birmingham,UK, is look for silicone and rubber to make
>> molds for his school project, is there anyone who knows any suppler ?
>> Thanks.
>> W.S. Fong

>From Fred Paget, Marin County, California, USA