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pug paperclay?

updated sat 12 feb 00


Bobbi Bassett on thu 10 feb 00

Has anyone put their paperclay through their pugmill? I wondered if it was
pugged several times would it give it a final thorough mixing?

Bobbi in PA

Cindy Strnad on fri 11 feb 00


I tried paperclay in a mixer/pugmill. I just put in the clay scraps, slop,
etc., and a big double handful of shredded paper. Mixed for about an hour, I
think, then pugged. It worked just fine, but I don't like throwing paper
clay. Well, more to the point, throwing it isn't a problem, but trimming and
carving it is a royal pain. Dulls and clogs up your tools.

Cindy Strnad
Earthen Vessels Pottery
RR 1, Box 51
Custer, SD 57730