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medical insurance findings to date

updated fri 11 feb 00


Bobbi Bassett on thu 10 feb 00

To all who have taken so much time to respond to my medical question and
anyone else who's interested:

I am using all the info sent to me and doing a real and Internet search. It's
amazing how the rules and offerings differ so much from state to state. It
seems that MSA (medical savings accounts) are not as available here as they
are in other parts of the country. The "arts" organizations seem to offer
insurance that isn't much of a savings over the local independent agent.

So far, I am heavily leaning toward joining the Small Business Service Bureau
( or 800-315-9933) and getting my insurance through their group
offering. The membership fee is $85 a year and they offer (inPA) regular
BC/BS and HealthOne (a BC/BS POS) for reasonable prices (around $200 per mo.
for 1 person). With the membership fee and 60% of the premium as tax
deductions it makes it a wee bit more palatable.

The Small Business Council has similar offerings but their membership fee is
$265 and here in PA their insurance premiums are higher.

Those are my findings to date. Thanks so much for all the input. I have
another month so I'm still on the prowl for info.

Bobbi in PA