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shaner show was in dec and travelling?

updated thu 10 feb 00


Marcia Selsor on wed 9 feb 00

I responded to this last week but perhaps some missed it.. The Shaner
show consists os 8-10 pieces with a display of beautifully presented
testimonials from people like Jack Troy, Ferguson, Autio. His very last
peice is included. It is beautiful. The show is to open in Helena and
then Missoula I believe. I do not know the precise schedule. It was here
in Billings in Dec.
Marcia Selsor

Murray & Bacia Edelman wrote:
> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> I think the Dave Shaner retrospective was to be at the Archie Bray
> foundation, but I do not know when it will appear or if it has already.
> Can you find the address of the Archie Bray in C.M. somewhere or perhaps
> Marcia Selsor knows the answer.
> Bacia Edelman
> At 05:25 PM 02/06/2000 EST, you wrote:
> >----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> >Hello Don,
> >I don't know about an exhibition, but I received my Studio Potter
> >this week, and the first 40 pages are of David Shaner's work and an
> >interview of Shaner by Jerry Williams. Just so first rate,
> >photographs and the interview. Extremely humbling.
> >Liz from Eastern Ontario
> >
> >>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> >>Some months ago I was hearing that a retrospective exhibit of Dave Shaner's
> >>work was being planned. I thought it was to be in the june/july time frame.
> >>Does anyone on the list have any facts about this?
> >>Don Prey in Oregon
> >
> >Liz Willoughby
> >2903 Shelter Valley Rd.
> >R.R. 1
> >Grafton, Ontario
> >Canada. K0K 2G0
> >
> >
> >
> Bacia Edelman Madison, Wisconsin

Marcia Selsor