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child abuse!?!?/cleanliness

updated thu 10 feb 00


amy parker on wed 9 feb 00

I'll second this! Go Carla!

I don't know about safer, but my studio is definitely cleaner than my
kitchen after all the slush was tracked in, plus everything in the studio is
labeled and there are more than a few things in the frig that are not!

I believe it was Bonnie Hellman who used to tack on "A clean house is a sign
of a misspent life" (if not, apologies where due) to which I would add "But
a clean studio is not!"

Amy in hot-again-lanta
Never disturb sleeping dust bunnies. They will reproduce.

>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Carla. I've decided I love you. How many times in a one week period am I
going to have to thank you?...

My studio was, and actually still is,
>safer than the kitchen.

>Nina D. Jones
amy parker Lithonia, GA