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updated version of available workshops,

updated fri 11 feb 00


Worcester Centre for Crafts on tue 8 feb 00

Handbuilding for Function: Workshop with Hayne Bayless
Tuition: $150/M $170/NM
Materials Fee: $10
February 19 & 20 (snow date Feb. 26 & 27)
The extruder and slab roller are often under-utilized in many pottery
studios. This two-day hands-on workshop will focus on the use of the
extruder and slab roller to create functional pots. Participants will
investigate extrusion and slab techniques as they apply to functional
stoneware objects, using unconventional forming methods and unusual
approaches to surface decoration. Students will also learn the basics of how
to construct custom extruder dies and other tools.

New Traditions Workshop-- New Traditions is an annual workshop and
exhibition event. The Worcester Center for Crafts invites masters of craft
from around the country to present their particular techniques within their
Dan Anderson--Workshop, April 8 & 9 * Exhibition, March 24- April 29
Tuition: $150/M $185/NM
Dan will demonstrate both wheel forming and handbuilding as he creates his
signature water towers and vessels. Interspersed with the demonstrations and
conversation on a varity of topics will be slides on the evolution of his
work and anagama kiln.

If you are interested in participating in any workshops please call 508 753-8183

Dr.Tom Roess on thu 10 feb 00

Dear workshop co-ordinators
When you give information about a workshop the FIRST thing you should tell =
is where it is to be held. I don't have the wherewithal to travel long
distances to attend a workshop, so am doubly interested in any that will be
held nearby. Having to read through a whole posting trying to find out if
it's anywhere near me wastes a lot of time, especially when the information
isn't even there and there are 80 or so more new posts to go through a day.
PLEASE put this information first.
Lou in Snowmass