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patrick horsley workshop in salem, or

updated sat 5 feb 00


Karl Knudson on fri 4 feb 00

(See this months "Up Front" in Ceramics Monthly for a photo of some of
Patrick's work.)

Pat Horsley has been a highly regarded potter, teacher and workshop
leader for more than twenty years. His recent innovative work in thrown and
altered forms, combined with an exquisite glaze palette fired at cone 6, have
won him numerous awards and commendations as well as creating a great demand
for his teaching and work across the country.

In a February, 1999 Artist's Statement, Patrick described his work as

My work is strongly influenced by architecture, both primitive and
contemporary (i.e. the home, the temple, the skyscraper). I base the work on
the idea of the container vessels and at times utilitarian forms such as
teapots and lidded jars.

Some of the work - bowls, vases, and platters - fall into a more ceremonial
category. The image of a teapot has become a major focus of work and time.
These teapots are non-utilitarian and are to be viewed in their profile.

The challenge of my work is to combine the many elements (handles, spouts,
and lids) into a work that dances and presents a new view and image of a
familiar form. My primary interest is in the making, the process, and the
physical dance of making pots.

The Salem Art Association and the Marjorie T. Sherman Community Ceramic
Center are proud to announce that famed Oregon potter Patrick Horsley will be
conducting a workshop on March 4-5. During the course of this workshop he
will demonstrate the creation of forms such as:
Press molded trays over Styrofoam shapes
A two piece pitcher
Thrown oval lidded casseroles
Thrown square lidded jars
Thrown square vases
Large platters
And his signature teapots cut from thrown shapes with extruded parts.

In addition to demonstrating, Patrick will also share his experience,
knowledge and expertise in such fields as clay information, clay formulas,
tips and problem solving, glaze formulas and suggestions for achieving
specific surfaces and colors at cone 6-9.

This workshop will be held at the Marjorie T. Sherman Community Ceramics
Center March 4th from 9-5 and 5th from 10-5. The normal price for this
workshop is $75 for SAA members and $80 for non-members, with a $5
registration fee. In an effort to make this workshop available to students,
we are offering discounted student group rates based upon the number of
students attending. For more information please contact us at 1220 12th St.
SE, Salem, OR 97302 (503)581-7275.

Thank you,

Karl Knudson
Marjorie T. Sherman Community Ceramics Center Coordinator