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shellac or varnish in kiln (was re: underglaze problems)

updated thu 3 feb 00


Jocelyn Olivia Mc Auley on wed 2 feb 00

On Mon, 31 Jan 2000, Cindy Strnad wrote:

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> I don't think the velvets are going to make a real durable medium to work
> with in the raw, no matter how nicely you dry them. Coating them with a
> hardener such as starch or hairspray (I wouldn't use a shellac or varnish,
> etc.--could cause a dangerous situation in the kiln) may keep them from

What is this "dangerous situation in the kiln" you speak of in reference
to shellac or varnish? I'm curious because I want to use varnish as a
resist when weathering my porceline. I've seen others use shellac as a
resist as well, with no disasterous results.



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