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out of print book and do it yourself

updated sat 29 jan 00


Norman van der Sluys on thu 27 jan 00

Have you considered preparing your own clip art to scan in? If you do, a
bit of advice. You can work large and reduce for a cleaner effect, but it is
more satisfactory to use a copier to achieve this reduction rather than a
computer paint program. The reason has to do with analog vs digital.
The computer, working on a digital image will either show the digital
pattern in work that is changed in scale (either way) because it drops out
or duplicates data in rows and columns, resulting in the jaggies; or it
tries to compensate for this effect by blurring the image, again, using the
rows and columns. The result is often unsatisfactorily blurry for printed
work. The copier will produce results based on the grain size of the toner
and the random placement of the toner due to the analog nature of the
process. Of course the best reduction is done photographically, a more
expensive and time-consuming method.

Norman van der Sluys

Anj Campbell wrote:

> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> Benevolent Clayarters:
> Does anyone have a copy of "Ceramic Advertising:
> Clip Art for Potters" that s/he would be willing to
> share or sell? The book is currently out of print and
> unavailable through The Usual Sources; Steven at The
> Potter's Shop has already researched that for me, and
> so far O/P searches on the internet have been
> fruitless (though Powell's in Oregon has some
> fascinating titles listed in their Ceramics
> section...)
> I am attempting to print up business cards, hangtags,
> and such for an upcoming show that look as though they
> have SOME vague relationship to pottery, hence the
> search for the clipart to scan into this infernal
> device--"paint" programs notwithstanding, a mouse is
> not a brush.
> Any help would be most appreciated!
> Anj Campbell
> knee-deep in snow in central NY, and apparently going
> to "wear" cats until the stuff melts. Maybe I should
> list my occupation as "cat furniture"....
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Anj Campbell on fri 28 jan 00

Thank you for the advice to photocopy-reduce images
before scanning--I hadn't known of the difference
between the approaches taken by the computer and the
copier. Your advice has saved me a good deal of

Many thanks!!

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