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ruthanne tudball's workshop

updated thu 27 jan 00


Louise on wed 26 jan 00

Like yourself, I too have a Ruthanne Tudball piece. Ruthanne graced us here
in Richmond, B.C. with a two day workshop a few years ago. I have never
forgotten her slide presentation which included several slides of her
unusual collection of textural inspirations and her love for figurative
drawing. I can still remember how I felt when the first dancing bottle
appeared on the screen. It took my breath away. As it turned out, I bought
a wet dancing bottle from her workshop with the promise that I would finish
it in my sawdust can. I sent Ruthanne the photos of the completed piece.
She wrote back with this comment " thank you so much for the photos ( she
asked that I send her photos of my work if you can imagine that) of your
work and my dancing bottle. It looks terrific smoked, gives it a feeling of
clouds moving across it as it moves. I like the slumped shadow too, a real
sense of life".
I treasure this short note from Ruthanne. She also took the time to comment
on my work and for a new potter...well I felt very privileged. The bottle
sits with me here in my writing studio and every day it reminds me to dance.
So I too would like to know if Ruthanne will be coming out this way. She is
a wonderful spirit, grounded and quietly brilliant.

Louise... from rainy Steveston Village about to sawdust fire a new piece
but waiting until it's dark so the neighbours think the scent of the smoke
is from someone fireplace!!