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critique/blather/art balls

updated thu 27 jan 00


Janet Kaiser on wed 26 jan 00

Critique/blather or whatever you wish to call it amongst our peers either in
class or at an end-of-session critique can spark all sorts of ideas and new
directions in which to work.
What I object to are the complete =22Art Balls=22 that artists and students =
nowadays encouraged, ney, positively FORCED to say and write about their =
Whether the work is stunning in its concept, making, execution and =
or just plain crap, the required wordy, pretentious and altogether ludicrous
=22artist's statement=22 gets right up my nose.
If you need a written statement to explain your work, well sugar, whatever
happened to work speaking for itself? I have been moved to tears many times =
looking at a pot or a painting. Whether standing in a garden or a gallery or=
church... The beauty of and inherent in a =22work of art=22 should surely be
instantly recognisable to the onlooker.
But never after reading the bunkum =22explaining=22 what a piece of work is =
have I then been moved to more than a sniff. And it does not matter how much
someone blathers about their work, either it works or it does not.

Janet... Off to write Chester College year notes... Wonder where everyone =
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