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vince pitelka summer workshops in n.w. washington state

updated thu 27 jan 00


Michael McDowell on tue 25 jan 00

We've finally nailed down the dates and content for Vince's offerings here
next Summer. Once again he will offer two five days workshops in the latter
half of July.

July 17 - 21 - Handbuilding: Tricks of the Trade

Based largely on content from his soon to be released book, this new workshop
promises to be a real treasure. Vince says this about it:

" In this workshop we will explore a particular mind set; a new way of
approaching handbuilt form and the associated studio processes and fixtures.
In developing studio autonomy and a mature stylistic direction, the studio
artist tends to eliminate non-essential processes and techniques, and in doing
so they very often limit their horizons. Our purpose here is to open as many
doors as possible, allowing you to develop your work in unforeseen directions.
Rather than focusing on a particular process or technique, we will explore a
broad range of handbuilding methods, including many innovative concepts,
tools, and fixtures, with a special emphasis on application of this
information to your own work. No matter how you work, or what techniques you
already use, a broader versatility in handbuilding will increase the range of
possibilities, and will improve your work"

I want this!!!

July 24 - 28 - "Ancient Clay"

Lots of "hands on" work with Vince simultaneously demonstrating his mastery of
traditional hand forming techniques. Interspersed with this are hundreds of
images of ancient and tribal pottery from Vince's enormous slide collection.
This is a great workshop for anyone wanting to explore our creative "roots" in

Either workshop is just $250 for the week, plus clay, all other materials are
included. For those on a budget (that's most of us), you are welcome to pitch
a tent here, or camp in your vehicle on site. Most of us join together on
communal meals that generally turn out to be delightful, and most evenings
wind up with Vince serenading us by the campfire. "Summer camp for grownups"
past participants have called these workshops. Check out the full info
provided at my web site:

Just click on the link to Vince's Summer Workshops on my home page

Michael McDowell
Whatcom County, WA USA

Michael McDowell on wed 26 jan 00

Please be patient if you have sent any requests for info on these workshops to
me. I am off to visit family in L.A. for a week. I'll catch up on e-mail when
I get back.

Michael McDowell
Whatcom County, WA USA