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wood kiln in danger of being shut down by epa; help! (7)

updated tue 25 jan 00


Terry Sullivan/Nottingham Center for the Arts on mon 24 jan 00

From: Terry Sullivan
Nottingham Center for the Arts
San Marcos, CA

[Hi Ray, Just had to say thanks for your Clayart post]

Some of the posts on this subject are getting hard to stomach. Bunch of fuzzy
headed "conservation" nonsense which gets in the way of clear thinking about
real environmental problems and solutions.

After being the founding conservation chair for a 5000 member Sierra Club
Group, Pasadena CA., for many years; I finaly quit in frustration. Few want
to confront the real problems either localy or globaly and most either can't
or won't "think" let alone "look".
They want to drive the kids to the soccor (sp?) game in the new V-8
Subburban 4wd ( never will leave pavement) and then help plant a tree on
sunday morning.
Go home thinking they've done their bit for the environment.

Want to drive a gas guzzeler ( or two), use prodigous amounts of electricity
and natural gas, have lots of kids, produce tons of household waste. OK ,
just don't lie to oneself ( or others) about it.

I'm absolutely positive a few average middle class american households
(or one BurgerKing) in suburbia produce far more polution than a good sized
wood fired kiln used 4-6 times a year. Since there are very few such kilns
and not likely to ever be very many per capita ( less than one per 100,000 or
even 1,000,000) this is a non problem from an environmental view point.
Espescially when compared to the real sources of polution and environmental
degredation. It is like worring about the geraniums having enough water or if
the napkins are correctly folded while on a sinking Titanic.

As for the EPA, anyone who has been active ( activist) in the conservation
movement knows they are under very considerable political stress ( read
polititians/special interest groups/BIG business).

As for most folks, well meaning though they may be, who profess environmental
concerns; I ask what groups do you belong to ? when was the last time you
went to a meeting or wrote a letter to your elected representitive ? Read a
book that addressed these issues ? Carried a plackard in a demonstration ?

What did you DO ?
90 % , or more, have actually not done a damn thing. Just talk. Blah, blah,

Sure I have steped on some toes and ruffled some feathers. GOOD !

Come on folks, there are less than 300 large wood fired kilns in the whole
country. That's less than 1 per 1,000,000 people. How about writing your
congressman and the EPA to protest the harrassment of the potters groups who
opperate these kilns. Fight back don't bite the back.

We are all part of the problem. Only one in 1,000 is also part of the
Join the Sierra Club and/or another conservation group and make it 2 in