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sv: re: paper pulp for pclay.

updated tue 25 jan 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on mon 24 jan 00

Hi Betty,
Thanks for the info below.
I am in the throws of many projects right now, including first firing of OLD
kiln..very exciting.

The paper clay I made has only about 20 procent pulp in. Therefore I expect=
it not to be
as porous as your portions. It is so WET that it has been slaked out on a
plaster slab for a week
now with little signs of drying=21 I will get it wedged up hopefully soon =
give it a try on the wheel, as I mostly throw. Just the properties of this
clay make me want to try handbuilding with it, so I am thinking about some
simple hump moulds to begin. I will hopefully soon be able to post =
findings if
the weather warms up and helps dry out this paperclay I am waiting on.

Many thanks,
Alisa in Denmark (cold like in New York)


As I mentioned in my last response about paperclay, I am new to this
process also. But I have tried both toilet paper and cellulose insulation
for the paperpulp and liked the cellulose insulation much better. The
cellulose did not break down as much as the toilet paper did (in the
paperpulp-making process) and therefore made the paperclay more porous. If
you are trying to throw with the paperclay this would not be an advantage.
But for pressing into plaster molds, it was great. I was on a marathon
hand-making kick and could pop the clay out of the plaster hand molds
within 24 hours after pressing the paperclay into the molds. Also,
repairing broken fingers on the paperclay hands was much easier when the
clay was made with the cellulose. I also had more cracking (at stress
points) when I used the toilet paper paperclay, and both wet and dry
repairs were much more difficult with the toilet paper paperclay. I also
like the textured look of the cellulose paperclay. I used between 30 and
40=25 paper, by volume, in both paperclays.

So there you have it, my biased opinion.

Hope I was of some help.

Betty Morgavan
Greenhouse Manager
Central Michigan University

ButAt 02:05 PM 1/19/00 EST, you wrote:
=3E----------------------------Original message----------------------------
=3EDear Clayart
=3EI am starting to work a bit with pclay and this what I found today.
=3EInstead of using toilet paper, I got this 2 kilo bag of paper fiber.
=3EIt looks exactly like the stuffing inside a postal envelope. If you
=3Emistakenly tear the envelope, you can see the paper insulation,
=3Einbetween the outside brown paper.
=3EI wetted down a tiny amount, ca. 100 grams and it became about
=3E5 times the volume in the pail. Extremely dusty though and could
=3Eeasily go puff all over. I squeezed and seived out the water and am
=3Egoing to add it to slop tomorrow. I have heard a lot about toilet paper
=3Ebeing used. Wondering if someone over there has tried this sort of
=3Epaper fiber? It is already fun to work with, just the texture of the wet
=3EAlisa in Denmark