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acrylic vs underglazes

updated tue 25 jan 00


Mary Lou Zeek on mon 24 jan 00

Hi Everyone, For this last year I've been creating life size women (cone
6) and have been finishing them with layers of acrylic washes, arriving
at the final color only using red, yellow and blue. I seal the piece
with a matt varnish and a concrete sealer. These woman are outside and I
haven't noticed a change in color, fading or peeling. The question that
I have is: I am making a candle piece (sculptural) and it will be more
functional. Should I use underglazes with a wash of frit and gertsley
borate or just continue the same direction with room temperature glazes.
(ha) I've been curious of how Peter Vandenberge finishes his pieces. Any
ideas or suggestions? Mary Lou Zeek, Oregon