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old pclay

updated sun 23 jan 00


Nikom Chimnok on sat 22 jan 00

Hello Joy and all,

I have observed paper fiber breaking down as paperclay aged. I used
to mix slop in a hundred liter tank, and had 8 such tanks in a circle with a
mixer on a central pivot arm so that I could drop it into any one of the
tanks. Instead of drying out the slop I'd just leave it and mix it up again
when I next felt like it. I observed that the material worked best after the
first mixing, and went downhill from there. Ideal conditions here for
bacteria growth--steady 80 degrees F and above. After 2-3 months the mix
would be stinky and discolored and I wondered if I should put my hands in
it, and it was more like clay than paperclay. The fibers had clearly broken
down. I never used any Clorox--I'm sure that would retard the process. I'd
guess it was an anaerobic bacteria eating the fiber. An extreme case, the
best kind for learning things quickly.

Nikon in Thailand
At 13:23 21/1/00 EST, you wrote:
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> I always thought that the reason folks wanted to use up paper clay quickly
>was objection to the smell. What's this about the paper fibers breaking
>down & losing the "airy" quality? I have old smelly paper clay (Probably 2
>months old) that still shows fibers when I wire it. Have people experienced
>the redencing (what a word) when the fiber still shows up? Is the fiber
>just disappearing and the clay returning to it's original state?

>Joy in Tucson back in the studio after doing about as much marketing as I
>can stand.