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old pclay & slip on pclay questions & tests with different paper

updated sat 22 jan 00


Joy Holdread on fri 21 jan 00

I always thought that the reason folks wanted to use up paper clay quickly
was objection to the smell. What's this about the paper fibers breaking
down & losing the "airy" quality? I have old smelly paper clay (Probably 2
months old) that still shows fibers when I wire it. Have people experienced
the redencing (what a word) when the fiber still shows up? Is the fiber
just disappearing and the clay returning to it's original state?
I'd like to use some slip over paper clay. Has anyone had problems with
the fiber burning out & pitting the slip surface?
Gad I accidentally deleted 2 paper clay communications posted 1 20 instead
of reading them.
I've experimented using junk mail paper & canceled checks. The canceled
checks are made of particularly tough paper as checks need to withstand
machine processing. The check paper needs to be soaked up to a week.
Perhaps the TP breaks down so quickly because it is made to break down
quickly as not to clog plumbing. I'm running tests on the old paper clay
made with junk mail & will share results. I suspect the junk mail has lots
of clay in the form of inks & results may not be consistent.
Joy in Tucson back in the studio after doing about as much marketing as I
can stand.