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workshop set, thank you all!

updated fri 21 jan 00


elizabeth priddy on thu 20 jan 00

I want to thank everyone for their help and advice in this thread!

I have culled some information.

-most people don't care where they stay as long
as the food and the workshop is good

-people are polarized, they either think a b&b
is just great or they would rather camp

I have looked into the issue here and located
a good range of local places to stay for folks
coming and there is a good cross selection
within three miles of my shop.

>From $30 a night all the way up to $150 a
night and beyond.

And there is camping available but a ways
away, about a 30 minute drive to there from
the workshop site.

I just completed the tile and chinese
brush workshops and will be posting pictures
as soon as I have them all back.

The dinner at the B&B went really well though.
It provided us a private space to dine and talk
about what we had just finished and also very
good food.

I had not considered camping options as I had a
bad experience with camping and consider it a
last resort. I have been informed that many
people actually like to camp and that it
enhances a weekend! Live and learn...

More later about the workshop with pics...

Elizabeth Priddy

Clay: 12,000 yrs and still fresh!

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