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does anyone have any info &/or manuals for dickinson kilns?

updated fri 21 jan 00


Tamara Gedik on thu 20 jan 00

Hello! I'm hoping SOMEONE out there can help me. Someone just
gave me a Dickinson kiln, model # 28-H, which has been out of
use for at least 2 years, and is probably 35+ years old! I'm
very new to ceramics, having only fired a kiln once, and would
really like to get a hold of a user's manual on this thing.
The company went out of business about 15 yrs. ago.

I'm sure it will need some rewiring. It's a square, double-
insulated (heavy beast!), 30 in. square on the outside, with
16" of space on the inside, top-loading, with a box with 2
on/off switches to control the 6 elements on the right, and an
ancient kiln sitter on the front. It's 240 V, 20 amps, 4.8
KW. Any information you could provide me on how to fix this
thing, and run it (if you still have your old Dickinson kiln,
how about a xerox of your manual? Wishful thinking?!...) would
be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

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