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re; wood kiln in danger of being shut down by epa; help

updated thu 20 jan 00


Martin Butt on wed 19 jan 00

Jan 17 Lori Wilkinson wrote;

>Martin, because of where Albuquerque is situated and air polution, doesn't
>the city strongly enforce burn and no burn days with hefty fines for homes
>with fireplaces that don't head the "no burn notice" ? I would imagine if
>there were a no burn day or night and you were in the middle of a firing,
>that could cause a real problem. Good Luck.

Hi Lori;
I neglected to mention in my original post that this kiln was built halfway
between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, about 2 miles north of Madrid, NM (The
middle of nowhere).

Martin Butt
In sunny Albuquerque; where two broken legs are giving me WAY too much time
to chat on the computer!