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laguna clay workshops in denver

updated sat 22 jan 00


Marilyn Stover on tue 18 jan 00


Could you give us some details about the Laguna Clay workshops in Denver that
you mentioned you were attending just before NCECA, please?


Marilyn Stover
in cooooooold N.C.

Jim Cullen on thu 20 jan 00

In your January 2000 issue of CERAMICS MONTHLY, what???you don't subscribe???
How else do you expect to find out whats what? CLAYART, of course.

March 19-21 Pre-NCECA "Shino, Surface Design & Single-Fire Workshop[" with
Malcom Davis (Shino), Lynn Smiser Bowers (Surface Design) and Steven Hill
(Single-Fire). 3 day - $125/Single days - $65
Call for reservations 800-452-4862 Ext. 200
They are attempting to arrange for daily transportation from the Adam's Mark.
I called Monday they had 50 (oops 51) registered and will take 65.

See you there...

Naperville, Illinois

Marilyn Stover on fri 21 jan 00


Thanks for the info on the Laguna Clay workshop. I must have overlooked it
in the last CM issue. I guess I got caught "skimming again." I hope to
work a day in while visiting friends in the Denver area.

Enjoy your workshop in Aurora.

Thanks again.