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out of print colbeck book available

updated tue 18 jan 00


AKitchens on mon 17 jan 00

I have an extra copy of John Colbeck's Pottery, the technique of
throwing published in 1969 by Watson Guptill, printed and bound in
Denmark. I found this one through It is a used book, a
withdrawn copy from a library in (?) New York State. It's rubber stamped
inside the cover "Upper Hudson Library Foundation, Harmanus Bleeker
Library" and the binding is a little loose but the text is in good
condition. The back cover sheet between the last page and the cover has
evidence of a card holder that was removed. With care it would last
several more decades, or could be rebound. If anyone wants it, I'll sell
it for the cost I paid, invoiced for 18.99 plus shipping to you. I won't
charge you for the shipping from Amazon to me. I was given another copy
for Christmas. Anyone interested please email me off line with Colbeck
in the subject line.
Nan Kitchens