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thanks: cracks in water fountain

updated mon 17 jan 00


Estrellita Ammirati on sun 16 jan 00

I'd like to thank everyone who responsed to my
question regarding the cracks in my water fountain
platform. I am currently working out a new design and
will incorporate some of the suggestions and see what


--- Tommy Humphries wrote:
> ----------------------------Original
> message----------------------------
> I wish to thank everyone who responded, on list and
> in private, to my post
> regarding the problems we are having with this kiln.
> We are currently in
> contact with the kiln mfg. trying to resolve this
> problem.
> Thanks again!
> Tommy Humphries
> ----------------
> ----------------
> I have a question about Blue Diamond kilns. We have
> been using ( or trying
> to) a large oval Blue Diamond kiln for ^6 firings.
> This Kiln has been
> steadily becoming slower and slower reaching cone.
> The last firing it took
> over 24 hours and still slightly underfired. It
> doesn't matter if the kiln
> is loaded heavy or light. A company rep. said that
> the kiln should fire in
> 12-14 hours, and that seemed to be the case with the
> first few firings.
> We have moved the kiln as close to the transformer
> as possible (6') , this
> seemed to help for a while, but didn't last. The
> kiln is only 8 mo. old and
> has been fired appx. once a week, so elements should
> not be a problem.
> We are at the end of our patience with this kiln,
> The company has been
> little or no help, the last call met with the
> response "we've done all we
> can" .
> Have any of you had any experience with this kiln
> co. or had any symptoms
> similar to this?
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