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any opinions on doing the lincoln center craft shows in

updated mon 17 jan 00


Anita Rickenberg on sun 16 jan 00

The Lincoln Center show is a good show. It's rather difficult to get in--I
believe they accept only about 1 in 10 applications. Very high volume
traffic and good sales. It is expensive, both the booth fee and daily
costs. It's NYC with the relatively high parking, food, lodging, etc.
Depending on booth location, it can be a a bit of a haul to dolly in your
work (especially if it's heavy). Two people need to man the booth at all
times, both because of the volume of customers and the problem of things
"walking off." Although they have overnight security, there have been
incidents in the past with things being taken, so I would recommend loading
and unloading daily.

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> Hi. A friend, returning from Grad School on London wants to know about the
> crafts shows at Lincoln Center in NYC. Any one have experience doing them?
> Price? Sales? Advice? Just say NO? Thanks in advance. Bonita in San