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symmetry/asymmetry, mathematics

updated fri 14 jan 00


george koller on thu 13 jan 00

Hello ClayArters,

I was taking some time to look around the web and found a
fantastic site for images of functions! Many dozens
of interesting images from the simple to the very involved
but some, I believe, just beautiful! One reminded me very
eerily of the Celtic styles of interlacing loops.

Here is the general site:

and here is one particular image that I liked:

The mathematicians creating this site must be "closet artists" or
they would not be doing such great things with the colors?

The decorating technique we have evolved will allow us to
reproduce almost any of these images in a sgraffito style in
one of several glaze systems. I was ready to "cut" the specific
image of the 2nd address (top / b&w), spent hours getting it
set up as a 56 tile mural (62" wide, 42"high) two color (white
on cobalt blue) but my wife tells me she isn't interested in having
it in "her" house. OK, so more room for my future boat murals.


george koller
Sturgeon Bay, Wi - Door County