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westport show

updated wed 12 jan 00


judy motzkin on tue 11 jan 00

Sun, 9 Jan 2000 11:41:31 EST
Sheldon Bieber
Re: Westport Handcraft Show

I also did this show and it was a terrible bust. People
looked but didn't buy.
It was also very difficult to load and unload. I did not
find the managers
particularly helpful. I would never even consider doing
it again. Shelly Biebe wrote:

> ----------------------------Original
> I did this show in the fall once a long time ago. They
hyped it as a real
> killer show, instructed you to have at least two people
selling in your
> booth at all times to deal with the weight of business.
Well the place
> was more or less empty and I don't remember any weather
problems. But I do
> remember one of the socialite-type volunteers collaring
a lady who looked
> like she wanted to shop and buy right there in the
entrance to my booth and
> talking local social stuff for about a half hour......
> I've heard tell its this great show but didn't look
that way to me. Oh,
> also, they take dealers as well as craftpeople, or they
did then. So
> craftspeople are competing with store owners who have
this huge variety of
> stuff and lots of lowpriced stuff.
> >I was wondering if anyone has heard of or done the
Westport Handcraft Show in
> >Ct?
> .....................
> Eleanora Eden 802 869-2003
> Paradise Hill
> Bellows Falls, VT 05101

I did the Westport handcraft show, must be ten years ago.
The bottom line was okay,not great, but I never have
experienced more customers asking for a better price at
any show ever. (Better price? Sure, how about double,
that would be better)
this is a show run to benefit a nursery school, if I
remember. the staff of the show is ever changing, and
volunteer, I think. They say that they will help with
everything. I remember someone asking if I could use some
help during set up. I needed the help, but it became
clear after a minute or so, that helping me might be
harmful to her lovely manicure and off she went.
Westport is a very well-heeled community. It should be
good. I never went back.

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