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small business counseling

updated wed 12 jan 00


JTS Pottery on tue 11 jan 00

Illinois has a similar program offered by the Small Business Development
Center located at Western Illinois University and other universities around
the state. Dan Vorhiis, has several classes throughout the year that are
wonderful. He discusses "Everything you every wanted to know about starting
a small business" He talks about Business Planning, Marketing, Finances
and Financing.

I would think that most states have a program like this, the Business and
Community Chief for Rural Developement / USDA could put you in touch with
the program for your state.

miriam wrote:

> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> Hi fellow Clayarters-
> Came across this item in Jan. 9 NYTimes.
> The New Jersey Small Business Development Center, with
> financial support from the NJ State Council on the Arts, plans
> to offer one-on-one counseling and group workshops throughout
> the state to teach artists how to market their work plus other
> things they never learned in art school. But first, the
> center's director, Brenda Hopper, is inviting artists to let her
> know what business advice they would like. ...Artists can
> contact Ms. Hopper at (973) 353-1927.
> This is of interest to me and may be to some of you. Mimi in NJ