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new year's eve firing

updated tue 11 jan 00


Lana Reeves on mon 10 jan 00

Hi-- I was hoping that a lot of people would write in about their wonderful =
Year's Eve firings. How did they go? Here's mine:

When I mentioned the idea, many people at Mudflat said, =22Wonderful, I'll =
lots of pieces=21=22 But reality was that everyone was pretty burnt out =
from the
work before the holidays. A few people did have work, so we loaded the 16 =
cu ft
kiln instead of the 50. I made dragons out of my high cone packs, and =
them =221999-2000=22. Started firing around 4 PM on the 31st. At Midnight,=
I was
in reduction=3B turned out the lights in the kiln room, sat and watched the =
and tried to think significant and meaningful thoughts. I'm not good at
producing deep thoughts when I try... but I did visualize kilns firing
simultaneously, and thought about the connection I feel to all of you fellow
clay people even though most of us have never met. I thought about the =
chance that led me to start working in clay=3B and gave thanks that I stuck =
to it,
in spite of being perhaps the worst beginning wheel student in the history =
Mudflat. The firing went very well=3B slowed down just when I wanted it to,=
between =5E7 soft on the bottom and =5E10 top =26 bottom took about two =
hours, glazes
nice =26 smooth =26 rich. Everyone pronounced it a good firing. My stuff =
mostly celadon =26 shino, I was very pleased=3B two people wanted to buy =
pots as I
was unloading, but they were the ones I wanted to keep and fondle for a =
while. I must say, it was one of the nicest New Year's Eves ever, I'd like =
try it again. So, Happy New Year and I love Clayart.

Lana in Somerville, MA =3D=5E..=5E=3D